Monika Nuber is a visual artist and musician in Stuttgart.

She studied literature at the Universities of Tübingen and art in Stuttgart and Prague. Her drawings and self-scored animated films are shown at international film fstivals and exhibitions. Nuber´s work shifts between concept and coincidence, order and chaos, the small form and large gestures. She produces drawings every day and over the years has amassed an archive of them, which is a source of ideas for her cartoon sketches and short films, in which voice, rhythm, sound and tone play an important role. The recurring drawn characters become successively more complex and multilayered.

Nuber plays double bass in various groups and is active as a musician and performer in musical theater with art collectives such as Jon Shit (Schöne Lau at the Theater Rampe in Stuttgart), or in Schorsch Kamerun´s music installation, „Denn sie wissen nicht was wir tun“, 2014 und „Das glaubst du ja wohl selber nicht“ 2016 (Staatstheater Stuttgart). For her appearances with Hans Joachim Irmler (Faust) Nuber expanded her practice of drawing by providing live video projections to accompany Irmler´s organ improvisations.

Monika Nuber is also lecturing on visual art at several academies.